Our Story

Ahnotion was established in 2017. Originally just a clothing company, we started making our own Balance Boards and sold them at markets in the shire of Byron Bay. We have now branched out, selling our products online in Australia and world wide. Allowing us to grow into the company we are today. We now offer Skate products and coaching also. Quality products designed to last, sourced and made as locally as possible here in Mullumbimby. We live completely off-grid in the hills of Byron Bay. Our factory is 100% self-sufficient and runs solely of solar power. Our goal is to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible.

Balance Boards

All our Boards are handmade. We offer five different shapes, all made from birch, which is a light weight hardwood. They come fully treated and sealed with slip resistant top coat, making them weather resistant and safe to travel with. 

Balance Boards are used for general balance training, brain development, fitness, physio therapy and much more. They benefit users all year around as they can be ridden indoors or outdoors. Riding regularly increases strength and stability in your core muscles. Improving not only posture and spine positioning, but also works all joints and ligaments from the chest down, providing an overall workout, that is fun and challenging, Life is all about balance. Buy a board today, start to shred tomorrow!

We Keep It Real

 By keeping it real we mean we’re not greedy. We avoid overheads keeping our costs down so you don’t have to wear it. We’re creating a lifestyle not a massive profit Organisation. all our products are quality tested and always made affordable. We want to keep you happy and keep you coming back for more.