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We're back with a new and exclusive batch of Custom Epoxy Resin Balance Boards, the result of meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Each board is individually handcrafted from camphor laurel, responsibly harvested from our property in Mullumbimby. By utilizing camphor laurel—an invasive weed with a potential environmental impact—we transform it into durable, weather-resistant balance boards. Exceptional Strength and Aesthetic Variety: Crafted at a sturdy 18mm thickness, our boards boast exceptional strength and resilience. The camphor laurel's diverse grains range from light whites and yellows to deep reds and purples, ensuring each board is a unique work of...

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We've got some exciting news! We've been experimenting with epoxy resin and have created our first successful range of balance boards! This could not have come at a better time, as timber's getting more expensive and we can barely afford to build our own half pipe. These new designs have been created from camphor laurel trees off our property, which is technically an invasive weed. Not only is it unwanted, turns out mixed with resin, it makes for a pretty sturdy vessel. Thanks to our mates at wood and anchor we've gained full access to mills, kilns, thicknessers and more. Many more trees to drop and many more projects to come in the new year.

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