Ahnotion Balance Boards

Balance Boards Handcrafted in Mullumbimby, Australia

Discover the perfect balance between craftsmanship and functionality with our handmade balance boards. Our boards are meticulously crafted from 18mm Birch, a lightweight hardwood known for its exceptional strength when treated properly. The mesmerizing white and gold colors in the grain showcase the quality of our materials. Each board is cured and treated with a high-grade polyurethane finish, ensuring durability and weather resistance, along with a slip-resistant top coat.

Key Benefits of Our Balance Boards:

  • Improve balance and proprioception
  • Enhance core strength and stability
  • Increase coordination and tone muscles
  • Learn proper weight distribution for constant equilibrium
  • Stay fit and have fun anytime, anywhere, all year round

The strategically spaced stoppers, 550mm apart, allow for two different riding options. While nose-to-tail is the standard, advanced riders can opt for rail-to-rail or heel-to-toe riding styles.