Custom Epoxy Resin Balance Boards

This is our first range of Epoxy Resin Balance Boards. All boards are handcrafted from camphor laurel, harvested from our property in Mullumbimby. Camphor laurel is an invasive weed and can have a devastating impact on the environment.

Our boards are super strong, durable and weather resistant. Averaging at 18mm thick every board is customized from trees, we have milled locally. Camphor's grains range from light whites and yellows through to dark reds, even purples.

We mill our timber down to 20mm thick slabs then stack into a kiln for the drying process, after drying we then sort them into piles of grades. These grades depend on the core of the tree. The darker the colour, the higher grade which determines the price.

After selecting a piece of timber we then cut it to shape using a template. We then place them in a customized mold for the resin pour, just the pour is a 3 day process. When the resin has cured we take our boards to the mill to have them thicknessed down to approx 18mm. We then return to our factory for the final stages, which involves more sanding, polishing and multiple final coats to finish. Each board can take up to a week so we will only be doing small batches at a time.

Not only is every board a unique one of a kind. We are making something useful out of something that is not. Sustainability doesn't get much better than that, support local. These custom balance boards are designed to last the test of time and wont let you down.