Crafting Sustainability with Unique Epoxy Resin Balance Boards

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Crafting Sustainability with Unique Epoxy Resin Balance Boards

We're back with a new and exclusive batch of Custom Epoxy Resin Balance Boards, the result of meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Each board is individually handcrafted from camphor laurel, responsibly harvested from our property in Mullumbimby. By utilizing camphor laurel—an invasive weed with a potential environmental impact—we transform it into durable, weather-resistant balance boards.

Exceptional Strength and Aesthetic Variety: Crafted at a sturdy 18mm thickness, our boards boast exceptional strength and resilience. The camphor laurel's diverse grains range from light whites and yellows to deep reds and purples, ensuring each board is a unique work of art. We source our timber locally, milling it into 20mm thick slabs that undergo a meticulous drying process in our kiln. The resulting grades, determined by the core color, influence the pricing, with darker hues indicating higher grades.

Precision in Creation: Beginning with the selection of premium timber, we cut each piece to shape using precision templates. The subsequent resin pour is a meticulous 3-day process, carried out in custom molds.  The final stages include additional sanding, polishing, and multiple coats to ensure a flawless finish. Each board, a testament to our dedication, takes up to a week to produce, limiting production to small, carefully crafted batches.

Unique and Sustainable: Every balance board is a one-of-a-kind creation, transforming an invasive weed into a functional and beautiful product. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond craftsmanship; it's a pledge to support local communities. By choosing our custom balance boards, you're investing in a product designed to stand the test of time, providing both functionality and durability.

Experience the Unparalleled: Embrace the extraordinary with our custom epoxy resin balance boards—where each purchase supports local initiatives and exemplifies unparalleled sustainability. Elevate your balance training with a product that not only stands out but also stands for something meaningful. Choose a balance board that goes beyond fitness—a sustainable, handcrafted masterpiece designed to endure.